Hi, my name is Lisa and Chemo-kit-girls are a group of girls who build care kits for those who are going through chemo and experiencing terrible side effects.

These kits are full of items that helped me through my time with 'the Red Devil' and his friend Mr. Taxol. They contain both purchased and hand made items that will help ease some of the side effects and  hopefully make the chemo process a little more tolerable. 

Every kit is prayed over and put together with love and care.  We want to make sure that each person who is gifted with a kit, knows they are not alone and are encouraged to fight!

We would love for you to join us.  You can do so by making a donation or by praying for us and those who are battling cancer.

This site is currently undergoing construction so please check back often. 



Making the journey a little easier

You are Not Alone 

Even though we do not know you personally, You are in our thoughts and prayers.  

You can do this!